Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yeah....That's me looking very dumbfounded!

Jeff last February 2009 with one hell of a hog brown on "DA FLY"

Sorry for the delay in posting.The winter has been awesome thus far . Walked over a mile today thru the snow along the eagle's nest ridge.I feel like Forest Gump and want to walk to the north pole with the beautiful snow covered landscape.

I was going thru literally thousands of digital images and slides the past few weeks preparing for some upcoming magazine articles and seminars. AND..........ALAS.....probably my greatest catch of my lifetime!

I've caught 35 pound plus atlantic salmon, 20lb steelhead in B.C. and a few in the Great Lakes and big trout......BUT........never two "hawg" brown trout on the same cast and drift.Thank God I was with guide Johnny Miller who landed the fish and took the photo back in December of 2005.........THE GOOD OLD DAYS!

We went out around 3 pm just before dark and wanted to hit a steelhead if we could I was fishing the new Merlino's sexy hexy -now called sculpin hex by the prudes at Manchester.Had the sexy on top with a dropper of an ice dub pink minnow.Made the second cast through a hole very tough to fish and "wham"-a good solid head thumping fight.I thought big male buck or!

As I was bringing the fish up ,I saw big dark spots and small red ones .Just as I was lifting the fish up, a smaller one grabbed the dropper."OMG.....MILLER...DID YOU SEE THAT"!.There I was with a 23 inch brown trout and a 19 inch brown trout on the same line right next to the surface. With Miller's long extension net-Johnny hated to bend-over to net a fish and wrench his back- we landed both fish in one quick scoop near the surface before I could yell"HOLY TWO BIG HOG BROWN TROUT, BAT MAN!

SO........42 INCHES of brown trout in my hands-bitter cold- and my head spinning that this actually happened ! Most people would die to get a twenty inch brown........I GOT TWO ON ONE CAST!........THANK GOD MILLER WAS MY WITNESS.

BUT............You know what is scary?.............I almost forgot about this till I found Miller's image! That's what happens when you spend too much time on the water........I'm getting worried as to what else I ............YIKES!

RIVER REPORT: Warming trend coming ......water low but should bump up from snow melt and bring fresh fish. Fish in holes have been hammered by the spawn intelligentsia so don't fish egg patterns and show the fish something about a dirty sexy!