Saturday, November 21, 2009


last light "croc" jaw developing male on iceman

It was an awesome day.......sun,warmth ,lots of boats -but by 3Pm river was calm - tranquil- no screaming damn jet boats.Fish were porpoising in pools as dusk came on....classic late fall behavior.

Had the pleasure of guiding Gerry Demilo and his gorgeous 17 year old daughter Jaimie from Youngstown ,OH.Gerry, a veteran of "steelhead alley"was impressed by the speed of our Mich. steels and acrobatics when hooked.

After a couple of nice steelies, the main course was ready to be served.With the sun at a perfect sunset position, first cast in a new lie produced a huge splash and heavy- butt kicking jumps though....just hard head shaking throbs of the rod.

A late Chinook I thought"......gotta be!. But what was he doing in a deep gut of a pool?. When the fish came close to the net I really shitenzeed myself when I saw the huge of hell of a dawg lake-run brown! Smashed a TASMANIAN COPPER FRUIT LOOPS LEECH.

Congrats Gerry and Jaimie for a great day. My gosh..that's what makes your guide's day a schizzo!

GO BUCKEYES...sorry..went to OSU!

How big was the fish?........well I'll let all my beloved sputnik lovers/haters/supporters/Harvard educated Mich-sportsman fan club........where all posters there know "everything about everything" and are doing there best to educate all the clueless lower class/ naive anglers like myself,......... to decide.......have fun guyzez

Peace out..................btw- only have my Pentax compact Optio 20-7 pix.......Nikon dx100 35mm took a bath in river with that"damn distorting 16mm fish eye.