Thursday, November 26, 2009


Despite our state's economic fiasco and governmental disaster, we have a great amount to be thankful for.Our natural resources are one of the best in North America ........and in this we must thank God for!

Especially here on the Muskegon, we've had a very good year.Here are my highlights:

* a good spring steelhead run lasting till early June

*"mind-boggling" mayfly hatches in May and June-some of the thickest Gray Drake hatches I've ever witnessed in 20 years!!!!! incredible sulphers,cahills, olives, Isonychias till fall, epeorus, golden stones ,tricos.....unbelievable dry fly fishing!

* THE CADDIS ARE BACK IN A BIG WAY-July, August, September, early August saw fantastic dry fly activity nightly to caddis as strong as they were in the early 90's.....can't wait till next year

*Consumer's Power installation of the cold water bubbler at Croton and new turbine at Hardy-also to their agreement to run the program indefinitely

* to a cool normal summer that saw trout growth rates with the caddis approaching 1 1/2 inch per month thru the the old days!

* to all those little wild steelhead parr we caught all summer in the caddis hatches--the 3 inchers that usually disappear by July

* a better than last three years chinook salmon run

* a good fall steelhead run

* to the new Orvis Endorsed Trout and Eagle Lodge

* to some huge browns we caught spring, summer and a hawg lake-run brown just last week.

* to great and fun loving clientele that make this business worthwhile!

All in all...........I am very thankful!. Now if we can get regs to enhance the quality of the fishery "for all".....NOT JUST THE FLY GUY!, I think we can have one of the best world class fisheries, despite many out there that don't want it to be!!!!!

Everyone...........PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....let your voice be heard for the new cold water regs for 2010!