Monday, October 12, 2009


( chinnie on an orange meth egg)

(frosty cold mornings lately-burrrrrrr.)

( few steels coming in..........more to come!)

( all the white specs on the wasser and in the sky were caddis-unbelievable!)

Whew.....!, sorry for the long delay in posting-had a very busy week since last weekend.The Kramer guys ,the Henrys, Rob and Dave from Iowa, Brian and Alex from Chicago,the Pettis from Akron,OH, and now Dave Nelson- DA BEAR- from Illi.

Anyways- I'm so impressed with the size of the kings that are coming in on the Muskegon, we saw fish today and had them on - some that are equal to the size fish we saw in 2004.....looks like and reports confirm that the baitfish pelagics in the big lake are as strong as could expect- much more than DNR and USGS estimate surveys.

Some steelies trickling in and they seem to be larger and thicker(girth) then we've seen in two good news, baitfish pelagics are doing well!

And ....OMG................caddis last week were so thick around 3:00-5:00- MATING AND EMERGING SWARMS of (cinnie/pserdys/hydros) also dot wings and giant Amber October Caddis...............So!

Last Thursday, at 5:00 I went up to the dam, and experienced a caddis emergence and female ovi-positing swarm I've never witnessed in 18 years!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,noshit.

With a tape winged adult pattern on top- and my "new pattened" latex pupae emerger a foot below 1 hour I was into 11 to 16 inch bows and brownies in the double digits .....10 x4 ........I'm not a fish hog.......but I was a kid in a toy store loving this new "trout stream" and it"s bugs,,,habitat, new cold water bubbler and a future immense tailwater......fertile tailwater I might add.

We have a summer home on the amazing tailwater of the Neversink in New York's Catskills. Problem there , is the water is TOO COLD,- thus more sterile and stunts brown trout growth- we don't have to worry about that problem in the prairie lowlands of the glacial till belt.Matter of fact, all the good brown trout water where the hawgs live on the lower Neversink is where the water temps are mid to upper 60's in summer.

No more what if!

Water excellent level-1640 cfs, lots of rain and cold for the week -steel coming!