Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The last rains brought good numbers of salmon in the pools as of today! We had fish busting water in every pool down as we fished the flying ant hatch(#22-24) on 7x and 3 weights.Rain is coming-starting Saturday-they promise. Water levels 1,200 went up 300 cfs with rains. Trout fishing remains excellent. Last night a bazillion #22 -24 brown flying ants, still cinnamon , and green caddis, last night lower river- Isonychia sadleri( greener body than bicolar mahogany) and giant October amber caddis( size # 8)..........trout are fat and happy!Salmon will hit bronze and black bosses if you can get them to take!- very quick strip - we try to emulate the hardware thunderstyzk dudes- having some success- also T.rex bunnys-stripped real fast with petite jon cones.

All for now!