Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Excellent water levels-1360 cfs- and cool water temps-68F by usgs- cooler temps downstream to 66F in certain spots. Great caddis action last night to tiny-18-20's, cinnamon's and little greens. Lots of brown flying ants on the water-size 20-trout sip them all day along with tiny olive-26# spinners at evening. White Miller caddis-12#-at dusk.Saw two salmon jump in the Gray Drake pool this morning- movements of fish occurred this weekend on lake turnover. Other sightings of Salmon from Bridgeton to Thornapple. Think its gonna be early this year! Also, the trout fishing is excellent now-can't wait for September. The amount of caddis next year will be incredible!!!!!!

The St.Joe has good numbers of Silver Cohos and summer steels moving thru the system.

P.M. and Big Manistee have good numbers of kings in the lower river-Indian Bridge/ Custer.

Things are getting heated up!

Look for more news Wednesday on the new"Trout and Eagle Lodge"- which I posted on several blogs ago