Sunday, August 23, 2009


Saturday I had Capt. Trevor and mate Eric who commandeer a casino gambling river boat on the Ohio River between Cinnci and Louisville. They read my article in Eastern Fly Fishing and wanted to catch a summer Skamania steelhead.

The morning started out with showers and no other anglers despite it being a Saturday- I was shocked!Trevor had two nice hook-ups at dawn- one break off and the other jumped and spit the hook. Eric hasn't fly fished in a long time and was apologizing for his sloppy dry line casting. After adjusting his casting stroke he was punching out 30 feet of line nicely. Tying another fly on for Capt.Trevor, Eric screams"fish", and all hell broke loose. After many leaps, into his backing and handling the head thumping fish well, Eric landed perhaps the largest buck summer run we've seen all year-CONGRATS ERIC, on a job well done!- a fish of a lifetime at 38 inches!

It was slow the rest of the day as a frontal system came in-fish were jumping and that usually means no hook-ups.BTW,Eric's fish hit a Senyo's rubber leg damsel stone, blue/sliver.

This week as of Sunday morning, a cool front is bringing in nor'easterly winds which will have a lake-turn-over , colder beach temps mean more summer runs and cohos!