Thursday, August 6, 2009


My client for the next few days is Chris Apt, a bio tech scientist from Santa Cruz, CA. Chris has fished for steelhead from the Clearwater in Idaho, all the major California steelhead rivers , to the Skeena in B.C.- he was yet to hook a summer run.

We started at zero dawn hundred with air temps at 51 F-chilly. The Patagucci fleece was on and good fog on water.We fished near Niles and saw tons of dead Ephron Luekon(white fly spinners) all over the river. One gent told me last night at dusk the smallies were going crazy for the mayflies.Sounds like a blast!

We rigged up with floating lines and the Purple Haze, swung down -and across in 5-6 feet of water. His 6 th cast-WHAM!- a summer run crushed it as it straightened out and 5 serious leaps later - chrome in the net. A dozen casts later- BHAM- same thing. Sun came above trees- it all shut down.It was classic HAMMER-TIME with inside right mouth hook ups, swinging left- to right.

Chris was impressed to say the least and couldn't believe the fighting and taking power of these magnificent Washougl Wash. steelhead.

p.s. yo fly fisher..... pesto rub, sea salt, cracked black pepper, cedar plank......mmm..mmm!(lol)