Friday, July 31, 2009


First off........ I ain't 'CANEMAN'. All the forum posts on the bubbler are excellent and it is a great thread. You all have very valid points.( tss caddis has a hard -on for me!.that's o.k.....It's like "piling on" in football.)
Got to say, you gave me a good thrashing over that River guys had a lot of fun with that!
First off, I can't sign on to the MS keeps coming up as"invalid e-mails".I don't know what I can do. I'ld like to get a good dialogue going cause the only way we could make a change and improvement is by all getting their song on key for quality for all....NOT JUST CATCH AND RELEASE FLY've read what I said and I don't think that is the way to go or will it make any impact on the fishery..positive or blogs say this!
Bighorn, Delaware..we will never have that kind of cold water and natural reproduction.
Can the Muskegon grow big browns...ABSOLUTLY..already demonstrated- especially if we use the right strains(Gilchrist, Sturgeon). Did the 15 inch help get bigger fish.....ABSOLUTLY...I'm not the only one chiming this in! I'm on the water 300 days a year for 17 years and keep very accurate journals with thousands of images to back it up.
The Biologist thing.......problem is, I know too much about the politics that were played back in the Rozich/O'neil days....I wish I had a tape recorder in my dialogues with them're mind would be blown away as to what these guys said and did and contrived.Sorry guys , I know you guys are big fans, but it is fact on my part.I have very good relationships with the top DNR brass biologists, and have the highest respect for them and fish with them.
I could right a book here but I type for shit!...........and don't have time since I'm up to my ass in two new book projects with deadlines long forgiven by patient publishers......don't worry, not about the Muskegon ! Also, trying to make a living guiding.
If a moderator could e-mail me a way I could get on the MS FORUM, it would help.
Cheers...keep up the excellent dialogue!
My blog is my way of sharing my feelings, observations, sincere appreciation(yes you think it is spin!), without getting my ass kicked in by the "piliers -on". It's o.k., if it makes you feel important! Everyone needs to feel great about their passion for angling.......that's what draws us to this wonderful sport!