Sunday, July 19, 2009


Oh my gosh!.....what an interesting Saturday on the Muskegon. After having a great week trout fishing in the evening with clients, when Rich Rosenquist and friend J.D. called to see if I was available Saturday to guide, I said we would do the Mo since the Joe was chocolate milk from the rain.Fearing knowing it was a Sat .July(drunken tubers), I said we would do a later trip when the hatches were happening.
Starting a little after three, we started out in the Gray Drake riffles where a few trout could always be had with black bead head caddis pupae in the afternoon.Had no idea how many tubes were on the river.......there was an insane number of human excrement tied up in beer flotillas ,as many as 75 in a pack float.My drift boat was quickly slammed into by several drunken canoes and tube aficionados.Being calm(very unlike me), I pushed them off the anchor rope in the stern. Believe it or not , despite all the shit floating down the river , the trout were slamming those caddis pupae, much to our amazement.
BUT.................something was very different about this Saturday's usual mayhem. IT WAS VERY QUIET! 'ya whos"..."whew who's". First we saw the first Sheriff's jet boat coming down the river with two law enforcement officers. Then the second new Sheriff's jet sled coming down river 5 minutes later. A few minutes later, Dnr Law Enforcement Officer Ginn's jet boat coming down with several sulking tubers in it.Wow, in 15 years living on the river ,I've never seen a sting law enforcement operation like thisAlso heard there were State Troppers posted on the main highways by the take out landings for some DUI action.......BRAVO Officers! Thanks a bunch to the guys packing heat!....... and someday we could have the river back on the weekends from these invading savages that dump shit, tress pass, cuss like hell , and show their inbred mutant body parts.
By 8:00, the river was quiet and peaceful.Caddis,bwos, cahills were coming off and the trout were happy, safe and on top sipping. Two different rivers in the same day...........a total zoo/circus- and then a serene beautiful river.I saw one worm dunking tuber floating down river drinking a beer, while dragged his worm along the bottom half passed out in the drivers seat. He had two browns on his stringer(15-17 inches). My stomach got a little sour knowing he will throw them in the back of his trunk, waking up the next morning hung-over and chucking them in the garbage.
Next time you see a DNR , Sheriff or State Tropper law enforcement officer, take the time to thank them for their efforts on the river!