Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The Muskegon has been fishing extremely well for trout this time of year.With the new cold water bubbler in operation as of Friday, water temps have been very conducive to dry fly fishing. Caddis (green and cinnamon's), BWOS(18-26) steno cahills and olive stones have all been on the water in the evening. Nymphing scuds and midges have been productive in the mornings with the cool water. Believe it or not!- last night we still had some gray drakes hovering over the shit! The trout have been eating well and are fat and happy like a fraternity boy!

The St.Joe has some summer skamania steelhead below Berrien but they have been pounded and we are waiting for a fresh batch to come in on the next lake Nor'easterly wind turnover.Lots of steelehad are staging in the lake .The big push is yet to come!

Talked to Chris at Croton Consumers Power and the bubbler is working well. They have found a new location and have two taps to work from in Croton Reservoir.