Tuesday, July 28, 2009


River temp a.m.-19C-or 66F.If you dry fly fish ,wait till hour befor dusk.Lots of steno white cahills emerged all day yesterday, tiny bwo spinner fall in a.m..At dusk, midges and caddis( lots of micro caddis).Also the olive stones were all over our lodge lights this morning . I believe they are crawling emerging at night. Never seen so many olive stones on the river since started fishing the river.
Side note: Flyfisher..........you used the Stilesville USGS temp gauge on the West Branch.We all who fish that know the water there below the reservoir is ice cold...actually too cold! Use the Big Delaware usgs graph at Lordsville- this is more comparible to the Mo.We will never see temps like Stilesville.Yes rainbow migration takes place up the West Branch.Been fishing the system since 1981 and have a summer home up there so catch them often .But a majority of the wild Delaware rainbows have thermal refuge areas from Callicoon up to Buckingham.Ed Van Putt, noted Catskill fly angler and author fishes the Big D all summer long due to his hatred for crowds of catch-and release fly anglers flocking and herding to the "flys only" stretches of the upper West Branch...........lot to be said for that...eh!
Btw..thanks for "curing our ignorance and idiocy one person at a time" You are a very gifted and intellegent one and thanks for sharing your wisdom.