Wednesday, July 29, 2009


WATER TEMP- 66.2F- LEVEL-1,360.last night didn't See as many bugs as the two previous. Hotest day we've seen in July yet along with lots of sun put bugs off. Few cahills, midges, olive stones at dark.After ten in dark just shine the light up. Most bugs came off later since my lights at the lodge didn't fill up till well after midnight.
If you want more action, strip/swing crayfish patterns next to shore.Big browns and smallies love them at this time of year and you'll never know what you'll catch
Side Note: aka Flyfishrer. Glad you're inspired. If you are a dry fly junkie like me, stay out late. Cahills will sporadic rise starting 5 ish. You'll see sporadic olives also. Most caddis 8;PM ON. Richard's tear drop pupae and Lafontaine's diving caddis working well. Steno cahill wiggle nymph great twitch in film .Keep caddis twitchin and moving-they won't take dead drift s-most strikes will come when your fly is bouncing in the meniscus below you.Sippers at dark are taking quad winged spent caddis-18-20's.
It doesn't happen perfect every night, but if you spend as much time on the water as you can , you'll eventually have a banner night.Considering it's July, its all good stuff-good luck!
I've been experimenting with 18-20 foot homemade leaders that turn over like a gem and give you lots of dead drift or twitching control.I'ld be happy to give you the recipe.