Wednesday, July 15, 2009


tiger trout

sulpher spinners at dusk

long flat eddy sippers

21 inch on a potamanthus emerger

Neversink tailwater

wild brown that feeds selective

potamanthus wiggle when wet

Each year we pack up and spend two weeks at Laurie's mom's summer home on the beautiful Neversink River in New York's Catskill Mountains- birthplace of American Fly Fishing.It is a magnificent river displaying a classic Catskill freestoner along with an ice cold tailwater spring creek below Neversink Reservoir.The upper east and west branches are very cold freestone streams with wild brown and brook trout populations along with runs of Landlocked Atlantic salmon in the fall.The Tailwater below the deep Neversink reservoir is one long ice cold spring creek style tailwater with excellent hatches.The upper tailwater has day time temps in the 40's and low 50's.

Despite the coldest and rainiest weather we've ever seen in twenty years(air temps in the 60's daytime) the trout were very happy and so were the bugs.Dry fly action was a daylong event with sulphers, olives, Isos and giant Golden Drakes(potamanthus)- also yellow stones at dark. There are so many wild browns (awesome colored) rising all day that make the fishing very exciting. These little guys(5-6 inches) are very selective and feed like the bigger 20 plus browns- tiny dimples that barely go unnoticed.The big fish even feed on top very daintily.

Got one hog brown at dark on my new Potamanthus wiggle emerger( 21 inches). Also got my first wild tiger trout( a cross between a female brown and male brook trout) Awesome looking fish! They are very rare in the wild and only occur where there is abundant natural reproduction between the two species.

Enjoy the picks!