Wednesday, July 15, 2009


(brown on caddis pupae)

Had Don and son Matt from Wash D.C. for an evening float from the dam down.Water cool, 1340 cfs . Once again , just when you think you've figured this river out- you can't! The amount of caddis activity , both cinnamon's and greens was amazing. Trout feeding steadily all day with massive rise forms at dark.Fish were hammering pupae and adults equally.I haven't seen the river fish this well in July for 12 years! The cold nights and days and loads of caddis has made it special. Water has a very dark tannin stain( darker than early 90"s)- means zebras are declining rapidly. The caddis re-emergence so strongly is a perfect sign.

Grilling a late dinner in a favorite riffle at dusk, I couldn't believe what was hovering above the boat. First a few ,then more and then a swarm. You guessed it- gray drakes? Yup!...........July 13 th and still gray drakes. I've never heard or seen this before so late on the Muskegon. Also , had steno cahills and tons of tiny olives.

Pinch me- but I thought I was in the Catskills on the Delaware- the trout were very cooperative at dark.

Weather seems to be staying cold - high 60's on Friday. This will be an amazing summer of trout fishing that the Muskegon has not seen in a long time!

NOTE: Talked to Dave Cole from Consumers Power and the cold water bubbler will start on the 20th of July. They were hooking up the Compressors this week and testing them. Thats the latest Dam news!