Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Last night, we worked a big brown for over two hours. Splashing lots of water on every rise ( a real slapper!), it was just below a boulder at the top of a fast riff with side and undulating currents. With a ton of drakes, the big pig had many to choose from and when to rise.After almost giving up, I brought out the meat and potato fly- the gang bang drake. It's a slab on a size 6 hopper long shank hook I came up with it to imitate the double/triple glob mating couples that drop to the water and give the trout a 32 0z t-bone verses a petite fillet.He took it on the first pass...20 incher .These browns are acting like they're from the Lone Star state.
Water level-2120 cfs,60f perfect.Still tons of bugs, but getting a little lighter which makes for better fishing.Weather, a cool global warming day temp of 66F.
Lovin it!