Sunday, June 7, 2009


Surprise....surprise!, like Gomer Pyle used to say, as Sgt. Carter had the"you got to be shitting me" smug smile on his face-I was Sgt. Carter Saturday.I just love late May and early June on the Muskegon cause you'll never know what you're gonna get.

Dave Clayton and partner Laura Grund, were my guests from the trout clinic party from Orvis Oakbrook.We started off the afternoon swinging wet flies and indy nymphing for trout before the caddis hatch started.I've been chasing a "huge" brown for three days now behind some suckers( this dawg has to be 24" plus), but the critter is - that's why it's so big eh, so elusive and not approachable. As we worked a few fish targeting caddis pupa, out of the corner of my eye, guess wht I saw-STEEL.My clients, who never saw steelhead were amazed at their size and being"large rainbow trout", guess what they wanted to do?-yup1 , we packed up the Winston 4 weight and Helios and went back to the lodge for the 10ft 7 's.

So anyways...........if you've ever nymphed for 59F water temp and fresh in from the big lake June steels(we had a full moon last three nights and very cold temps), well......they're real suckers for nymphs just like a stocked steelie smolt.Each of them landed a nice chrome hen which leaped like a June Atlantic salmon fresh in from the ocean.THEY HAD A BLAST!, and never thought trout could fight that hard since their trout experience was Wisconsin spring creeks, New Zealand and B.C.Kamloops rainbows.CONGRATS GUYS!

Water temp 60F-2190 CFS, STILL LOTS OF CADDIS , SULPHERS AND DRAKES- saw good numbers of bwo's yesterday for first time. The fish are packed and stacked with food to the point of bursting!