Friday, June 12, 2009


Last night with clients Jason and Keith, we finally saw the gray drakes starting to wane- actually that is kinda good!.Since the hatch this year was in unprecedented epic proportions- to the point where you couldn't fish cause of so many bugs, this sparseness will hopefully get the big hawgs up feeding more consistently.

Iso's(bicolor "white gloved howdies) were emerging last evening in the best numbers seen yet and the slashing rises told us the trout were hot on these meaty thick emergers.Fish them fast with good motion imparted and hold on tight for the strike!

Water level dropped-2950 cfs-temp still cool-59F.

Talked to the guys at Croton Dam and they assure me the cold-water bubbler is ready to go as soon as the water warms up.But given the way this 'global warming' summer is going, we might never need it! Wouldn't that be something,eh!

Remember, Fish still heavily keyed in on caddis all day, regardless if you se steno/sulpher activity(there's a bone for yah!).Stomach pumped a trout-packed with caddis pupa and drake spinners.