Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow.........what a week!.Probably one of the busiest Mays in a long time with 3-5 boats each day.Everyone had an excellent time and the "catching " was good! Thanks to the following party of groups- the Werners,, Hostes,Templetons,Danny Dunn and the IBM group, and Mike Karpeles and troup , all from Chicago.Plus Englishman Dr. Ian Davison and Dr. Dave Matty from CMU in Mt. Pleasant, and Peter Engles from G.R.. And of course Dr. Scott Witter and his lovely wife Karen, both professors from Michigan State University on the river yesterday and today.

As of today, river conditions are ideal1 3,180 cfs, water temp 57F. Still steelhead in the system plus lots of suckers spawning and encouraging the bigger browns and rainbows to nymph.Excellent numbers of cinnamon caddis seen in the last couple of days(each year their numbers increase dramatically after the zebra mussel invasion decline).Lots of stocked trout targeting the dries with an occasional big fish on top.As.water temps increase , bigger fish will come up. Time to start streamer stripping chinook fry- but we need warmer water to get the chase on and less steelhead eggs.

The gray drakes are only days away and will be a super hatch well into the end of June since everything is running 3 weeks behind cause of the cold weather.

Oh yeah......that 20 lb steelhead/ Lake Michigan blog I didn't complete.I'm off Tuesday and will expound