Tuesday, May 26, 2009


( may fly photos by ultimate hatch master camera man-John Miller)

Ever wonder while you are on the water as sulphers are about in the air and on the surface and the trout are refusing your perfect sulpher offer.Yeah they are cream/yellow mayflies,and a perfectly floated dun should fool a wise brown-right?-wrong!

It happened last night on the Muskegon.Though it seemed that Ephem. invaria, the dirty yellow sulpher(16) was on the water in most numbers, for every trout I saw that took a dun of its kind, I saw 6 other trout that were slash rising and sipping something else.The invaria were masking other things going on.A large 12-14 white Cahill(steno) landed on my arm in the boat.Creamy sulpher, also saw sulpher colored crane flies(diptera) and then there was the rusty colored sulpher spinner which blends in with the tannic water perfectly stealth.Not to mention slashing rises to cinnamon caddis pupae and egg-laying females.

SO, what you have is a complex sequence of things going on, that is until the first Gray Drake spinners fall, then it's easy to match the ............GRAY DRAKE SPINNER,PERIOD!

By targeting a particular good fish and watching its feeding rhythm and rise form, you'll be more successful as opposed to casting to random fish .