Saturday, May 2, 2009


Spring was bursting everywhere this morning! The fresh smell of budding hardwoods,grouse drumming,turkeys calling each other and a swollen high river full of steelhead is what May brings to Muskegon country- it's spectacular!

We crowned another "steelhead queen " today.Pat Davison, wife of Dr.Ian Davison, British transplant and Dean at Central Michigan University, Caught her first steelhead and several more on her maiden voyage for steelhead fishing.She caught fish on Montana's Big Horn -But- never a Michigan steelhead.She was the show as the highly experienced Ian watched in amazement.

After a late lunch, Ian put on a masterful performance of graduate course steelheading.

The river could not be in better condition.High , stained and off color-perfect!- for the big bite!.Large flies(road kill) was the ticket.It would be an excellent time for the two-handers to come out with their dredgers/Skagit heads and Cornish hens- that's what the steels can see and want. The stained waters are excellent for the big grab(when you can't see fish the mutual love between angler and steel is so much better). Besides, it keeps team Igloo-aka. meat gravel rippers- from spotting fish.Thus many lives are saved for returning spawners.