Friday, May 8, 2009


NO- we didn't cooridinate pink shirts........"But..we're too sexy for our pink shirts
...too sexy....bah..bah bah...BAH! First Nice Buck

Megan Milford is a natural born fly fisher for steelhead.She is pure athletic talent, cooridantion, upper body muscular strength and dexterity, not to mention a very good looking young, intelligent lady(no I'm not her talent/match maker agent- but I should be!). A recent graduate of the University of Michigan, where she was an All-Star Lacrosse player and is now going into teaching Secondary Education, Megan displayed instant skills and success on her first two day trip with her father ,Dr. Creigh Milford ,Cardiologist from Rochester Hills.

On Friday, she went crazy! After landing a very large buck male and a nice fresh silver female, she proceeded to put on a steelhead and trout clinic(GOD....I wish I had clients like this all the time!)

Congrats Megan!!!!!!.....just goes to show athletic talent and migratory salmonid fly fishing go hand in hand!

River conditions ......ideal!. Saw Hydropsyche bifidas(caddis) and American March Browns ( Stenonema Vicariums) coming off all day where I was fishing and the trout loving them.More fresh steels are coming in on this now Full Moon cycle

Peace and Let em go!