Sunday, May 3, 2009


Here is Dr.Ian with "Billy Big Mouth Steel buck". After a memorable day of catching, Ian's drift exploded and his drag went berserk!."big fish" ,I thought, or "foul hooked" fish , I thought. So after a ten minute battle in the high, mud stained waters I asked Ian to get the fish up to the surface so I can verify a mouth hook- or we'll break it off it is fouled.Much to my amazement, the big buck had the large clown egg buried in the inside of the jaw.BUT- he had a broken jaw mandibular bone and his big mouth kept him hard in the current......tough to turnover heads up.

Male steelhead that have been hooked many times, and -or-had sparring battles with other kype jawed males, usually break their jaw bones. He swam away feisty and vigorous and we wish him well in the healing process.

About high muddy water-I LOVE IT!. Will be depressed when water hits a low 3,000 cfs.

When you blind fish, the fish can't see you-you can't see them and no lining/snagging goes on .The fish want the fly-you want them -it is a win-win scenario for fish and angler!