Monday, May 25, 2009


OMG!.................we've never,never seen this many Gray Drake Mayflies- ever!I could think back to 1997 when there were tons of them, but today doing yard work, every tree trunk, every bush all along the lodge and garage-zillions of gray drake spinners.Really, never seen ANYTHING like this. For some time back in the early 2000's the numbers of siphlonorus was down -many thought the gray drakes were waneing out of exsistence.But seriously, I can't believe how nature is so resiliant , ever changing and unpredictable.Just like everyone was saying there are no pelagic baitfish(alewives) left in Lake Michigan.This spring the lake is absolutly LOADED with them , and also the once thought ,soon to be extinct Rainbow smelt, this spring being caught by the bushels off of Chicago Harbor.8- 12 Coho Salmon and 20 lb Chinooks are being taken in the Lake stuffed with a dozen baitfish in their stomachs. And now with a 5 fish DNR limit on Great Lakes Salmon, instituted because of fear of a crashing baitfish forage base, we have another Great Lakes flip-flop story.
It is truely amazing how limited our data and speculation as to what will be when it comes to these magnificant inland seas and river systems really is.