Thursday, May 21, 2009


A simply MAGNIFICANT week so far on the Mighty Mo! Couldn't beat the awesome warm weather, perfect water levels 2300 cfs- water temp 56-59F.
Had Charlie Polsky and friend Cahn from Chicago on Monday.Lots of fresh and drop-back steels all day. Charlie put on a steelhead clinic with his presentation- hooking, fighting and landing steels. His most memerable one was the last of the day- achrome rock hard feamale that leaped 4 feet in the air and went ballistic like a dime-bright Atlantic Salmon fresh in from Greenland on the Gaspe' of Quebec.Charlie is an avid Atlantic salmon fly swinger and is abaout to be a member of the Restigouche Club in N.B.
That evening , my son Peter was Jonesing to go out and cast the Helios for some trout. I took Peter out to swing some soft hackles and Chinook fry parr. After really coming together on his single working on the double, Daddy was happy!.Catching many stockers ....browns and bows, he went to take a swig of his Fanta Orange and left his fly dangling off the back of the boat- 20 feet out.OMG........, a big boil three seconds later launched Pete up on the back deck .but he didn't set the hook- he was shocked and so much better for the story.Using a 10ft, 6 wght. T-3, with a soft hackle and tiny chinook parr wet, the chrome drop -back 7 lb slinky female was feeding right in with the stockers and hammered Pete's fly. After listening to his Big Dadda carfully and chasing the fish for over a 100 yards, Pete landed his leviathan.....CONGRATS PETE!
Had the pleasure of fishing with the trout master Jim Fisher from Detroit on Wednsday with his son. Jim Lost a "huge" brown - 22 inches plus right next to the boat on a size 18 deep Kelly green bead head pupae. He also hit a nice steelie on his four weight. This time of year is the time to hit steels and browns on four and five weights aka. Trey Combs style
Today, had the master of the Babine,BC- Dr. John Flaherty fro Chi town. He swung a short Skagit 20 footer on the new Helios 11/ ft 8 weight with a 475 Grain head. Hirt some real accrobatic steels and some nice trout.
few drakes last night.P.M. has a ton of drakes already............FUN .FUN.YET TO COME!