Friday, May 29, 2009


Not all dry fly activity, bugs hatching and spinning on the Muskegon takes place before dusk- which it usually does at this time of year. With two days of cold,cold, wet 'global warming weather'(that's a two Patagonia regulator fleece index day), the lat two nights did not produce drakes or sulphurs to any degree for surface activity.Most of the drakes were clinging to the cedar panels on the lodge for warmth and not leaving till it warms up ,dammit!

When I talked to my clients last night staying at the lodge from Chicago, I suggested to Rick Wojiach and his companion that we day fish and forgo the evening stuff.We started early and immediately were into sulphurs and caddis- and nice fish. By ten we had 'love-sick" gray drakes mating and falling till 12 noon. Got some nice fish(brown above) and had the river to ourselves except for one drift boat.

Moral of the story- bugs are temperature driven , that's why the gray drake spinners hover over your boat at night since it is giving off warmth.