Friday, April 10, 2009


The last time Phyllis Vinson from Denver,Colorado was here two years ago,she smoked em' on a cold snowy Monday with nobody on the river.

This morning was a whole different scenario."OMG.......I've never seen so many boats",said Phyllis,as we stood on the ridge at the lodge and literally witnessed the start of the Indy 500 as a gazillion jet boats came storming up river from the Thornapple access.I quickly reassured her there were fish in the river and we will play our own game of "SMURFING'-going slow and fishing every piece of water very meticulously with a zen like karma-and patiently.

It turned out to reward us greatly.We watched dozens of boats fish some of our favourite pools only to go back after the " da shit "......and all kinds of it( plugs,spawn,flies spoons,spinners,lunar land rovers)...was thrown at the terrified steelhead.As the sun came out,the competition already grimacing and racing for happy hour,we went back and showed the fish"now for something completely different"(aka.Monty Pythonesque).Ticket was Chernobyl otter.

Go Phyllis!!!!!!!!Here is one of here chrome,hard and gorgeous hens....they were all chrome hens today

Congrats! And "they ain't no Colorado Rainbows"