Wednesday, April 22, 2009


(Gray Drake mayfly emerging at dark-photo taken by John Miller, one of the finest insect photographers on the green planet earth- also top guide at West Branch Angler on the Delaware in the insect rich waters of the hallowed Catskill Mountains of New York)

As we reflect on our planet on this Earth Day and the upcoming Trout opening day in Michigan this Saturday, we have a lot to be thankful for.The art of trout fishing in America was born out of watching the trout take the dry fly mayfly insects on the surface in the ring of the rise.Many of us started out as trout fisherman,and despite fishing for salmon, steelhead ,tarpon , name it,some how we always come back to the pure and aesthetic pastoral trout fishing that conjures up memories of our youthful days chasing that opening day trout with our Arctic creels lined with ferns and fiddle heads only to come back to the camp ground and grill the small brook trout wrapped in bacon on an open fire.It was pure and simple back then which are motifs not to often found in the hectic and depressing times of a recession, depression and obsession with things fast,hi-tech and complicated.

This afternoon, I took a stroll by our eagle's nest on the ridge as the female zoomed her eyes down on me and my Hungarian Vizsla Camus.I could see her pupils dilate as she became alarmed and quickly relaxed on her nest we she saw we meant no harm.Took the dog down to Bigalow creek, an excellent wild trout stream tributary of the MO and saw a few Hendricksons hatch(two) as the sun broke though the clouds.

Last weekend before the cold weather came , saw some emerging Quill Gordons on the Muskegon(Epeorus Pleuralis) in the lower river as we were fishing for steelhead. We've had great early black stone fly egg laying spinner falls for over two weeks now and the browns and rainbows are having a field day with them, including the fresh stocked trout which finally figured them out. The warmer temps will bring up better fish each day as the water temps hit 50 F.

OH YEAH, this weekend they are calling for thunder storms and temps near 80 degrees.Morel mushroom hunters know what that brings- Le Morchella deliciosa!!!!!!!! THE WHITE AND BLACK MORELS!

So go fish,be happy ,but look around you.There is more to just wielding the rod for double digit hook-ups.Enjoy MAMMA EARTH, and what's left of her.She hasn't been happy lately as you can tell by the weather.

She has another precious surprise in the next week or so.........gourgeous Michigan white trillium's! And I'm already chomping at the bit for some fresh grilled Michigan asparagus blanched in olive oil-BON APPETIT!