Sunday, April 19, 2009


The Saturday morning 5 a.m. indy jet boat start-up for pole position at Thornapple started a little earlier this morning.First boat I heard was 3:30 a.m.-next 4:20-next 5:am.So by dawn as our clients Jason Kuipers and Roger and their 9 year old sons Justin and Aden were ready to board the boats and were thinking"omg" this is going to be a zoo,I used good guiding judgement and said"If they're going that way..........Tonto going the other way"(what a brain trust

That awe inspiring thinking turned out to prove the magic ticket.In the dark deep well oxygenated pools and runs we hit dime bright chrome hens and buck steelhead.Justin , my 9 year old could barely hold on to that big chrome hen that crushed his Chernobyl Otter and busted water so dad had to help out with 4 hands on the pole.It was an exciting morning with hot ,fresh fish and nobody near us till the boat flotilla started working down ,everyone one of them saying "don't go up there ,it's crazy.Our day was sealed by 10:00 and we enjoyed the sun and nice weather as Peter and Roger hit a nice big hen later after lunch down deeper runs.

River is low-2,060-water temp 45-47,rain is needed and is coming.So are more fresh chrome fish which pier anglers in Muskegon are hitting.