Sunday, March 29, 2009


Ian Davison, transplanted English gentleman to the U.S.,now teaching at CMU in Mt.Pleasant was awarded through his excellent nymphing presentations with a beast of a female hen steelhead that rated a "10" on the hot and feisty scale.It was a very busy two days on the river with tons of boat traffic.After fishing a serious honey hole at least three time yesterday with no success,after at least three plug pulling trawlers came through it and numerous other recreational anglers and guides,after a late lunch we decided to head back for one more try after the river became calm and quieter much later in the day.On his second cast,the hen crushed the "go to" pattern and tail walked across the pool at least 3 feet above the water.It jumped voraciously 3 times and went ballistic.It reminded me of a fresh Atlantic salmon in the Gaspe in June dripping of sea lice.It was defiantly the biggest steel we've seen thus far this year.Water is at a perfect clarity and more fish coming in each day.

Moral of the matter how much pressure is on the river ,the fish are there and will strike on their time and by showing them something totally different that we guessed she probably never saw that day.

Congrats Ian on one hell of a battle and absolutely stunning chrome fish!