Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday while guiding I ran into two guys bottom back-drop spawn fishing-I believe they said they were from Casanovia.They told me they saw a huge brown trout floating on the surface downriver on it's belly.They netted it to see what was up.Seems the fish had a blue gill stuck in its mouth and was still alive.They took the bue gill out and the fish came to life.After reviving it,the fish swam away.Appears it chocked on the damn thing since their odd shape and spiny fins aren't conducive to swallowing.Come to think of it,I've seen at least three dead blue gills floating on the surface probably from the spill gates or turbines from the Croton Pond.
If you guys read this and have a picture of it,post it.Also, thanks for letting those nice chrome hens go!