Wednesday, March 11, 2009


After seeing flood stage waters for the third time this winter,the river is receding nicely.It is down from 6,000 cfs to 5,320.......... from mud color to starting to go to a grennish brown clarity.Should be fishable within the next couple of days.Keep in mind we've had a full moon and one hell of a river spate.So,the river could be full of fresh chrome and walleyes.The walleye season closes on the 15th so we could load up the freezers.We do not practice catch-and-release on these delectable creatures since their flesh is perfect at this time of year.Remember-wack a walleye and save 10 smolt steelhead!The water has risen to 35F,tropical when compared to last weeks 32-33.Arm up with big clowns and pencil lead big enough to sink a ship.Chuck-bomb-and-duck is the way.