Monday, October 7, 2019

Great week in the books with the amazing anglers from Orvis U.K. Scotland- and loads of great rain!

An epic week catching massive King Salmon on the Muskegon, with some nice browns and steelhead from other rivers:P.M./White etc.

Thank you Graeme Ferguson and John Hood from Orvis U.K. -Edinburgh, Scotland, and his band of great fly fishing competition  anglers:Ian, Eddie, Brian, you guys were all great me chaps!

7 inches of rain in 48 hours blew the rivers out by end of the week, but we found the "grand slam" trifecta of Pacific salmon, browns, steelhead in easier to fish rivers that were still at 150 year record highs!!!

Water is down now to perfect levels and bringing in chrome steelhead, more salmon, and lots of lake-run browns

Cheers guys!!!! were awesome!!!...see you next year in Scotland and back in Michigan!