Epicurean Angler-Matthew Supinski's Selectivity/Nexus Blog- Everything Trout/Steelhead/Salmon

Epicurean Angler-Matthew Supinski's Selectivity/Nexus Blog- Everything Trout/Steelhead/Salmon

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


                              COMING JANUARY 1 !...from Stackpole Books by Matt Supinski
Forward by Al Caucci, author 'Hatches I & II'-amazing entomology photography by John Miller

An in depth look in to the complex and intricate world of Trout, Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon selectivity around the world. Featuring stunning color photography of  hundreds of the world's great rivers by some of the best photographers- featuring Ken Takata's cover image, underwater images from Quebec's Jean-Guy Beliveau and the amazing close-up photography of trout taking surface insects by Jason Jagger  -over 600 color fly patterns/plates and recipes- a lifelong project by the author and his photography!

TROUT- an in depth look at all species of trout and chars and their selective behavior , physiology/vision and evolutionary history around the globe- from Slovenia Marble trout, to European grayling and sea run  brown trout of the Baltic/Great Lakes , Artic char and the world's top brown, rainbow and brook trout rivers , with a special look at spring creek brown trout tactics on the author's favorite PA/VA/UK/MT spring creeks and Catskill  freestone/tailwaters like the Delaware/Beaverkill- to Michigan's trout utopia.

Trout tactics, flies and behavior on freestone, tailwaters, spring creeks, beaver ponds, the surf etc.

Trout habitat by ecosystem niche , structure, night fishing, trophy hunting.
Testimonials by John Randolph, Ed Shenk, Dick Pobst, Dave Hughes

STEELHEAD- a look into the introspective selective mind of 'the fish of a thousand casts'- strong focus on west coast steelheading and steelhead specific behavior when taking flies:swinging/dries/nymphs and holding lie  applications- stunning photography from the Babine to the Dean, to the Great Lakes- featuring some of the worlds top steelheaders - testimonials from Trey Combs and Bill McMillan- stunning images from California's Jeff Bright and the author.

ATLANTIC SALMON- This complex and perplexing 50 million year old beast's psychology and behavior to the fly and its river lies receives an in depth look into the three selectivity stages this fish frequents constantly.. The author's use of Freudian theory and applications to the extreme mood and behavioral stages of salmo salar when confronted with the fly and river migration is an exciting and thought provoking look at these noble 'fish of kings'. Along with the insight and contributions of world famous Ichthyologist- Dr. Bror Jonsson from Norwary- author of  the epic bible on the subject, 'Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout'( Springer University Press), there is never a dull moment when measuring up all the insurmountable difficulty in tactics, presentation and fly selection that the ' Leaper' presents.
Atlantic and Landlocked Salmon  salmon rivers from the Gaspe of Quebec, to Scotland, Scandinavia, Iceland and Russia all are given a strong analysis from the author's journeys and   some of the top Atlantic fly fishers in the world. Stunning images from Arni Baldursson- LAX-A , Hakan Stenlund and the author to mention just a few.

NOTES: Matt will be speaking and signing books at The Fly Fishing Show- Somerset N.J in January and will be the featured presenter at the Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival in April.He will kick off the book in Michigan at Glen Blackwood's Great Lakes Fly Fishing Co January 18th followed by other Michigan flyshops.  He will also be doing book signings at your local  fly shops/clubs around the country. More updates will be posted when finalized. Matt also has a feature article in The January issue of FLY FISHERMAN on ' Hatch Matching Steelhead'. His '12 Year Anniversary Edition - STEELHEAD DREAMS'- is now back in print and available again.